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    06 Topps Reggie Bush / Eric Dickerson Dual Auto NFL 8306 11/25 FT / FS

    Pulled this in a grab back pack from Payneo. I believe it books $450? Its FT or FS, but has to be for some NICE Cards. Lmk if interested.

    Added a scan:

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    u can check my site if you get a chance i dont know if ill have anything you need

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    That is a really strange looking auto card since the Bush sticker is clear and the Dickerson is solid. Nice card though wish I had something for it.

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    Williamson - Really liked the Tark / Cpep, but nothing for the Bush.

    Nickademus - Ya, thats the only weird thing. But, I cant complain too much. It was a pack pull. Lol.

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    Hey Man, whats this with Darren Sharper in your Sig? Your a Vikings Fan now :P.

    Sadly, nothing I really need.

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