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    Need Exactly $13.48 Paypal, Al Jefferson and Nate Robinson Autos

    I need $13.48 paypal within the next 90 minutes. These two autos for that price. Includes shipping and DC.

    2004-05 SP Authentic Signatures Al Jefferson Auto BV $25
    2005-06 Trilogy Signs of Stardom Nate Robinson Auto BV $15
    2003-04 Topps Chrome Gametime Gear Jersey Ray Allen BV $10
    10 All-Star Cards(2 Kobe, 2 LBJ, 2 Shaq, 2 Carter, 2 Allen) Aprox. BV $10-$15
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    SCF bumping policy allows for one bump in the AM and one in the PM. Please wait longer than one hour to bump your thread.

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    renegade- I understand the rules, I was using my pm bump. Thanks for the heads up.

    Everyone else- Adding more cards, really need money soon.

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