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    Talking interesting stuff for trade; auto patch, autos, patches;auto combos;low # swatches

    I'm looking to see what kind of offeres I can get on some of the following stuff. I'm not too interested in going through trade pages unless you tell me there's stuff I'm looking for. I really want Crosby stuff,autos and RCs(mainstream stuff);also collecting ice scripts;HOF goalie autos;Greatzky autos. Lets start with that and see where it gets me.

    sorry for the small scans. there's a description under each link

    The Vokoun is1/10...ozgood/weight /50...karia/arnott patch /25...lecavalier patch /15...vaive patch /10

    shanahan /10...savard/wilson swatch /5...svatos/hjduk /10...1-2 combo is perry/getzlef

    1-2 combo is gomez/parize

    Always collecting Crosby RCs, Malkins, and Staals.
    Currently working on Trilogy Ice Scripts and Frozen in Times

    My photo buckett has a small sampling of my collection. Its a work in progress. Most everything is for trade except Ice scripts and FIT, and Lemieux sig.

  2. Kronozio
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    Would love to get the Getzlaf combo redemption and maybe the Shanny Jersey.

    I've got a couple Trilogy auto's in my list and a ton of other stuff..

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    psyco...I have those trilogy autos, and i didn't see anything else for me. Sorry you have a trade page?? what do you have to offer??

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    I like the svatos hejduk tundra tandems.

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    Whats the Gomez/dual redemption valued at? or do we know? I see a few things in your scan I'd be interested in. I have a Malkin jersey that books at about 80-100 I think & a Lupul Ice Script (07) Maybe we can work something out.

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    The Gomez dual books at $50. I have the Lupul already, and the Malkin doesn't interest me. I don't really care too much for the H&P cards. Thats just me though.

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