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    Sport Items What to Do with them?

    Hi All,

    i am new to this board. I am thinking about selling my collection from over 20 yrs. I have coached on the college level for 20 +. Tell me what you think about the items and should i sell them as a group, auction or by sports.


    Send me a email at

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    Very nice collection... congratulations. Would be interested in a couple of the signed photos.

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    Never sell as a group. It will take time, but sell the items individually. You will make WAY more money that way.
    Good luck
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    i would be interested in a few photos if selling
    Im working on getting my collection healthy again. Hidden Content

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    I agree. Sell individually and you will make a killing more. Also, some of the higher-end goods, you should get them certified by a reputable company. The investment will be well worth it. Most buyers will not touch un-certified autographs with a ten-foot pole. I suggest contacting JSA or PSA about certification. In my experience, they are some of the best out there.

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