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    02 UD MVP DUAL GU'd Souviner JSY/Bat Gold Version #'d 22/25 of Magglio Ordonez

    I have a 02 UD MVP Souviner jsy black/bat w/30 imprinted in it #'d 22/25 Gold Not Priced due to scarcity. What is it worth. I'm looking for these players Pujols, Garciaparra, Boggs RC's, Clemens RC's, Martinez RC's, Varitek, Rice RC, Eddie Mathews, Ashburn, Lou Brock, Curt Flood, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, and other Vintage. I would also consider GU or Autos of the Red Sox players and Pujols listed. Also of the Vintage players......Also looking for Prior RC's or GU.........And Sosa RC's and GU. Only want cards in excellent condition. My card is perfect. I will not except any cards with white or dings on corners or borders and only clean surfaces..



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    i really want this card.... can you please let me know balpark what bv you are looking for so i can get something around..thanks


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