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    selling everything highest i will ask is 60% lowest will ask on some is 85-90% OFF BV

    check my bucket please unlisted i have

    Baseball autos incoming

    connor jackson auto rc
    jeff salazar auto rc
    mark mulder auto/jsy #d

    basketball (in possession)

    lebron floor its green
    mike sweetney gu

    please i need PAYPAL badly also Rcs Numbered etc, for sale as well as check the misc for uncirculated and other stuff

    thanks everyone

    God bless


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    How much for these:

    LeBron Floor
    Blalock Auto
    Botts Auto

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    lebron books 20

    blalock books 15

    botts book can you find for me please

    i could probably do all of them for 15-20 plus a buck or 2 for fees and ship

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    I think the Botts is $10, the Topps CHrome books for that much.

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    i could probably do all of them for 15-20

    would that work if not counter

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    I could do $15 plus shipping for the three. PM me with your Paypal addy, and go ahead and post it up. Thanks!!!

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