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Thread: Red Sox to Trade for Yankees

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    Red Sox to Trade for Yankees

    Pedro Martinez
    03 Fleer Box Score GU Jersey
    03 Fleer Authentix Ticket Stud

    Manny Ramirez
    94 Topps Gold Future Star #216
    01 Bowman Heritage SP #358
    02 Fleer Tradiion Curtain Call #U385
    03 Fleer Authenix Balcony Serial Numbered 128/250

    Nomar Garciaparra
    02 Bowman Heritage Black Box #66B
    02 Fleer Tradition Grass Roots
    03 DK Bronze Foil Framed #13
    03 Fleer Authentix Ballpark Classics Die Cut
    03 UD Big League Breakdown

    Carlton Fisk
    02 Ultra Fall Classic

    02 Topps Traded Pros
    Freddie Money
    Terrence Hill also a TT Gold #'d
    Anastacio Martinez
    Rolando Viera
    Manny Delcarmen also a TT Chrome
    Tony Fontana
    Justin Sherrod

    02 Topps Pros
    Erick Glaser

    01 UD Star RC
    Juan Diaz


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    is the nomar die cuts gu and is the authentix pedro a jsy or bat

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    The Pedro is a GU Jersey as listed.

    The Nomar is not a GU.


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    Ive got a 2002 bowmans best jason grove bat I could trade for it or i have alo fo in person sigs of the yanks I could trade.lmk.

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    Looking for current Major League Yankee Team Members.


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    I got a bernie williams peice of shoe /25 with you name on it, if the right offer comes along.

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    I have a bernie williams upper deck line up leaders gu i would possibly be interested in the pedro or football or basketball gus LMK

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    Thanks but, I don't need any more Bernie Williams GU


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    would u be interested in buying because i have a alfonso soriano jersey for sale. let me know.

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