I have Game Used and Autos in Baseball, Football, and Basketball for trade for RC's in any sport. I prefer to trade for graded RC's.

A few restrictions:

1) I am only looking for RC's that book for $10 or more

2) I am only looking for true RC's- No inserts or parallels

3) I will only trade RC/Autos for graded RC's



96 Leaf Signature Autographs Alex Fernandez
96 Leaf Signature Autographs Silver Wilson Alvarez
97 Donruss Signatures Millenium Marks Rich Gorecki (Dodgers)
97 Metal Universe Emerald Autographs Alex Ochoa AU3
98 Bowman Certified Autograph Jared Sandberg #29 (Devil Rays)
98 Donruss Signature Gabe Alvarez (#/2900)
99 Bowman Certified Autograph Lariel Gonzalez #BA24 (Rockies)
99 SP Authentic Chirography Travis Lee
99 Team Best Autographs Nathan Haynes
00 Fleer Autographics Adam Everett AU
00 Skybox Autographics Rob Bell 9
01 SP Top Prospects Chirography Pat Strange
01 Topps Reserve Rookie Autographs Phil Wilson TRA-10 (Angels)
02 Bowman # BA-JS Juan Silvestre (Mariners)
02 Donruss Rookie Phenoms Amezaga #388/500 (Angels)
02 SP Authentic Chirography Autograph Cliff Floyd (#/313)
02 SPX Franklyn German Autograph #248
03 Bowman's Best Chris De La Cruz AUTO RC
03 Bowman's Best Jose Morales AUTO RC
03 Donruss Recollection Collection Cliff Lee (#53/100)
04 Bowman Autographs Rudy Guillen
04 Bowman’s Best Levinski Auto
04 Donruss Team Heroes Autographs 19 Oscar Villarreal
04 SP Authentic Future Watch Autograph Mike Rouse #123
04 Topps Retired Signature Autographs RKI Ron Kittle G
04 Upper Deck Yankee Classics Auto Gossage
05 Bowman Sterling Autograph/Jersey Refractor Curtis Thigpen (138/199)
05 Bowman’s Best Green Autograph Mike Rodriguez #107 (367/399)
05 Bowman's Best Edgar Varela Blue FY Autograph #140 (114/299)
05 Donruss Signature Autograph Silver Russ Ortiz
05 Donruss Team Heroes Autograph Joe Kennedy
05 Donruss Classics Paul Reynoso AU/1200
05 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Gold Sean Tracey/50
05 Donruss Elite L.Hernandez AU/1000
05 Donruss Rookies Autographs Jorge Vasquez
05 Donruss Team Heroes Autographs Pedro Lopez
05 Leaf Certified Materials C.Rogowski AU
05 Leaf Prospect Autograph Red Tim Bausher (#50/100)
05 SPX Signature Autograph Guillermo Mota
05 SPx Signature Bill Hall/350
05 Topps #TTA-DD David DeJesus (Royals)
05 Topps Chrome Autograph Kyle Strayhorn
05 Ultimate Signature Decades Tiant Auto
05 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Signs of Stardom Horacio Ramirez

Game Used/Patches

01 Fleer Authority Diamond Cuts Bat Lofton
01 Fleer Maximum America’s Game Larry Walker (Rockies)
01 Fleer Platinum Patch Time Jersey McGriff
01 Fleer Premium Diamond Patches JD Drew
01 Fleer Showcase Sticks Juan Gonzalez (Indians)
01 SP A Piece of History Bat Lofton
01 SP International Connections Bat Vizquel
01 SP Game Bat Edition Piece of Action Vizquel Bat
01 SP Top Prospects Game Used Bat Kenny Kelly #B-KK
01 Upper Deck Legends of NY Game Bat Dave Winfield #LYB-DW
01 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Jersey Roberto Alomar
02 Bowman Draft Freshman Fiber Brent Abernathy Jsy
02 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials Helton (Rockies)
02 Flair Power Tools Bat Roberto Alomar
02 Playoff Piece Of The Game Paul LoDuca Jersey #65
02 SP Legendary Cuts Game Bat Don Baylor (Angels)
02 SP Legendary Cuts Pee Wee Reese BAT
02 SPX Jersey – Roberto Alomar
02 Sweet Spot Bat Winfield
02 Topps Pristine Popular Demand Bat Roberto Alomar
02 UD Diamond Connection R. Alomar (Mets)
02 Upper Deck Piece of History Batting Champs Edgar Martinez (Mariners)
02 Upper Deck World Series Match-ups Lofton Jersey (w/Smoltz)
03 Donruss Gamers Helton
03 Flair Jersey Roberto Alomar
03 Flair Diamond Cuts Jersey Roberto Alomar
03 Fleer Authentix Bagwell Jersey (Astros)
03 Fleer Authentix Game Jersey Piazza
03 Fleer Authentix Guerrero GU
03 Fleer Box Score World Piece Game Used Jersey Pedro Martinez (Grey)
03 Fleer Box Score World Piece Game Used Jersey Pedro Martinez (White)
03 Fleer Genuine Genuine Articles Jersey Schilling
03 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Single Swatch T.Glaus Jsy-Rolen
03 Fleer Hardball On the Ball Game Used Jersey Randy Johnson
03 Fleer Patch Works Number Game Jersey Roberto Alomar
03 Fleer Splendid Splinters Wood Game Bat JB Jeff Bagwell
03 Fleer Tradition Game Used 192 Jeff Bagwell Jsy SP/200
03 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey Garciaparra
03 Topps T-205 Carlos Delgado Jersey
03 Topps T-205 Game Used Pedro Martinez
03 Upper Deck Leading Swatches Alex Rodriguez
03 Upper Deck National Pride Jersey Huston Street
03 Upper Deck SPX Winning Materials R. Alomar Jersey #d 116/375 (Mets)
03 Upper Deck Finite Stars and Stripes Jersey Huston Street
03 Upper Deck Mid-Summer Stars Swatches Andruw Jones
04 Bazooka Adventures Jersey Luis Castillo
04 Bazooka Adventures Uniform Miguel Tejada
04 Donruss Playoff Souvenirs Baseball Bagwell
04 Donruss World Series Souvenirs Playoff Chipper Jones Ball
04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Ballpark Heroes Thomas GU
04 Leaf Certified Certified Cuts Position Jersey 2-Color Preston Wilson
04 Throwback Threads Century Collection Jersey Shawn Green (#81/250) (White W/Seam)
04 Topps Clubhouse Copper Jersey Jose Vidro
04 Topps Cracker Jack Take Me Out to the Ball Game Bat Rocco Baldelli #TBRB
04 Upper Deck Etchings Palmeiro #BE-RP G/U Bat (Orioles)
05 Donruss Champion Jersey Bagwell (Gray)
05 Donruss Champion Jersey Bagwell (White)
05 Donruss Champions Impressions Material Walter Young Bat #62
05 Donruss Champions Impressions Material Roberto Alomar Jersey (Orioles)
05 Donruss Champions Impressions Material Tony Armas Jr. Jersey
05 Donruss Champions Impressions Material Edgardo Alfonzo
05 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Jersey Dewon Brazelton
05 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Jersey Preston Wilson (SP)
05 SP Authentic Jersey Carlos Zambrano
05 SP Collection of Stars Jersey Chone Figgins
05 SPx Jersey Brandon Claussen
05 Trilogy Generations Present GU Bat Bagwell (#44/115)
05 Upper Deck ESPN Sportscenter Swatch Berkman
06 Bazooka GU Hanley Ramirez



99 Collectors Edge Advantage Rookie Autographs Craig Yeast 187
99 Collectors Edge Rahim Abdullah #151
00 Bowmans Best Auto JR Redmond
00 Donruss Signature Series Blue Albert Connell (#64/100)
00 Fleer Autographics Kevin Johnson 80
00 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Autograph Ron Dugans
01 Playoff Contenders Rookie Autograph Moran Norris
01 UD Graded Series James Jackson BGS 8.5
02 Bowmans Best Auto Jonathan Wells #274/399
03 Bowman's Best Justin Griffifth #159 RC (#406/499)
03 Gridiron Kings Gridiron Cut Autograph Lee Suggs (#243/250)
03 Sage HIT Silver Autograph Musa Smith
03 Topps All-American Auto Quentin Griffin
04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Sigs Autograph Copper Keary Colbert (#28/175)
04 Leaf Certified Materials Rookie Autograph Jeris McIntyre (#232/1000)
04 SP Authentic Scripts for Success Autograph Cody Pickett
05 SP Authentic Scripts for Success Autograph Stefan LeFors
05 Reflections Red Auto JR Russell (Buccaneers)
06 Sage Red Level Autographed Card Mike Hass (#808/940)

Game Used

00 Fleer 'Genuine Coverage Jersey' Mark Brunell ($25)
00 Pacific Revolution 'Game Worn Jersey' Mark Brynell (#538/735) ($25)
01 Bowman Rookie Relics Derrick Burgess
01 E-X 'Behind the Numbers Jersey' Isaac Bruce (#481/720) ($15)
02 Pacific Private Stock Titanium Post Season 'Rookie Jersey' Joey Harrington (#307/435) ($25)
02 SP Legendary Cuts Rookie Recruits Antwaan Randle El (Black Jersey)
02 Sweet Spot Rookie Gallery Jersey Antwaan Randle El (Black Jersey)
02 UD Authentics 'Glory Bound GU Jersey' Julius Peppers ($12)
03 Gridiron Kings Rookie Jersey Terrell Suggs
03 Topps Pristine 'Rookie Premiere Relic Jersey' Kyle Boller ($10)
04 Fleer Tradition Helmet Rashaun Woods (slight crease)
04 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Jersey Jay Fiedler #63 072/150 (White Jersey)
04 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabrics Peerless Price #AF-PP
04 UD Foundation 'Rookie Foundation Jersey' Tatum Bell (#1072/1499) ($12)
05 Absolute 'RPM Rookie GU Dual Jersey/Ball' Courtney Roby RC (#618/750) ($10)
05 Absolute 'Absolute Heroes GU Jersey' Domanick Davis (#71/150) ($8)
05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Jersey Josh McCown
05 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Jersey' JJ Arrington (#32/150) ($10)
05 Leaf Rookies & Stars 'Purple Crusade Jersey' Byron Leftwich (#149/150) ($10)
05 Leaf Rookies & Stars Stefan LeFors JSY RC (#371/750) ($8)
05 Topps Pristine 'Common Personal Pieces Jersey' Marc Bulger (#765/1000) ($8)
05 UD Rookie Debut 'Saturday Swatches' Tab Perry ($8)
06 Playoff Prestige 'Gridiron Heroes Jersey' Mark Bulger ($8)
06 Topps DPP 'Senior Standouts Jersey' D'Brickashaw Ferguson ($15)



98-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Chris Robinson
99-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Andrew DeClercq
99-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Todd Fuller
99-00 SkyBox Premium Autographics Greg Foster
99-00 SkyBox Premium Autographics Sam Mitchell
99-00 SP Top Prospects “Vital Signs” Scott Padgett
00-01 Fleer Auto Andre Miller #75/250
00-01 Fleer Autographics Michael Doleac
01-02 SP Authentic Rookie Auto Demar Johnson
01-02 SP Authentix Rookie FX Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje
01-02 Stadium Club Iakovos "Jake" Tsakalidis Auto
01-02 Upper Deck Rookie Auto Etan Thomas
02 SAGE Auto Nikoloz T™™™™ishvilli #227/300
02 SAGE Auto Chris Borchardt #130/240
02-03 Bowman Signatures Ryan Humphrey parallel 18/99 #RHU
02-03 Bowman Signatures Melvin Ely 47/999 #ME
02-03 Bowman Signatures Chris Jefferies 611/999 #CJE
02-03 Bowman Signature Edition RC Jersey/Auto Vincent Yarbrough #/999 BGS 9
02-03 SPX Rookie Jersey/Auto Nikoloz T™™™™ishvilli
02-03 Topps Finest Rookie Auto Nikoloz T™™™™ishvilli
02-03 Topps Finest Rookie Auto Vincent Yarbrough
02-03 Topps "Mark of Excellence" Autographs Frank Williams
03 UD Top Prospects Auto James Lang
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Marcus Hatten
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Zaza Pachulia
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Mario Austin
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Jeff Newton
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Ruben Douglas
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Slavko Vranes
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Troy Bell
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Marcus Banks
03 UD Top Prospects Auto Zoran Planinic
03-04 Bowman Signature Edition RC Jersey/Auto Jarvis Hayes #837/1250
03-04 Finest Travis Hansen Auto RC
03-04 SP Authentix Rookie Authentic Zaza Pachulia
03-04 UD Top Prospects Signs of Success Jerome Beasley

Game Used

99-00 Collector's Edge GU Ball Baron Davis RC
00-01 Fleer Legacy Speedy Claxton Jersey
00-01 SP Game Floor Edition “Authentic Floor” Chris Porter
01-02 Fleer Force Jersey Baron Davis #74/399
01-02 Inspirations Hardwood Imagery Basketball Dual GU Morris Peterson
01-02 SP Authentic Rookie FX Film Trenton Hassle # 990/1600
01-02 Topps Expectations “First Shot Jerseys” Michael Bradley
01-02 Topps Expectations “First Shot Jerseys” Rodney White
01-02 UD Game Jerseys Mark Jackson
01-02 UD Pros & Prospects Kenny Anderson Jersey
02 Press Pass Dual Swatch College/Pro Etan Thomas #79/100
02-03 Finest Jersey Olowokandi GU (#/999)
02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects “class of 00” Hedo Turkoglu/Quentin Richardson Dual Jersey
02-03 SP Game-used Edition Radmanovic Jersey
02-03 Topps Xpectations “Future Feature” Jersey LaFrentz
02-03 UD Glass Superlative Swatches Michael Finley
02-03 UD Originals Game Jersey the New School Stromile Swift
02-03 UD Honor Roll rookie jersey Drew Gooden #449/499
02-03 Upper Deck Ovation Authentic Warm-Up Elton Brand
03-04 Fleer Platinum “Platinum Portraits” Finley
03-04 SP Game-Used Authentic Fabrics Marko Jaric
03-04 SP Game-Used Authentic Fabrics Aaron McKie
03-04 SP Game-Used Authentic Fabrics Quentin Richardson
03-04 SP Game-Used Authentic Fabrics John Salmons
03-04 SP Game-Used Authentic Fabrics Desmond Mason
03-04 SP Game Used Gold Jersey Peja Stojakovic (#32/100)
03-04 Topps Chrome Jersey Gasol
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Andrei Kirilenko
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Baron Davis
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Bobby Jackson
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Cuttino Mobley
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Drew Gooden
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Glenn Robinson
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Jamaal Magloire
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Marcus Camby
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Marc Jackson
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Morris Peterson
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Maurice Taylor
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Quentin Richardson
03-04 Topps Pristine Gems Relics Allan Houston #AH
03-04 Topps Rookie Matrix Cat Mobley GU (red jersey)
03-04 UD East West Dual Jersey Troy Bell/ Marcus Banks
03-04 UD Glass Superlative Swatches Houston
03-04 UD Triple Dimensions 3-D Memorabilia Lamar Odom #848/999
03-04 UD Triple Dimensions 3-D Memorabilia Caron Butler #142/999
03-04 UD Triple Dimensions 3-D Memorabilia Corey Maggette #428/999
04-05 Finest XFractor GU Mobley (#/129)
04-05 UD All-Star Weekend Authentics GU Brad Miller
05-06 Topps Bazooka Blog Squad GU Delonte West
05-06 Upper Deck Deshawn Stevenson Jersey
05-06 UD Slam Bryon Russell Jersey
05-06 Upper Deck UD Game Jerseys Raul Lopez