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    2 boxes of topps lol it was preety sweet

    ok so me and a bud of mine picked up 2 boxes of topps just for laughs ...while i was raggin on him because i already pulled reggie leinart and vince he waslike woah an auto this was cool because we never expected any was kellen clemens 1:221 which is still nice ...i was down to my last 3 packs he was the third to last pack i flipped throug the cards to see my was black...the first thing i thot was auto..i just wanted a good name .. so i pulled a lil super bowl mojo ...joseph addai auto books 60 sells for 40 1:4400

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    Not too bad, cant complain from Topps! Nice stuff.

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    nice is it for trade
    check my site

    also is the kellen clemns a tookire premier?
    if so im intrested in it as well

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    That is a sweet pull. I have a love/hate relationship with topps right now.

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    hey u didn't happen to get any of the joe montana inserts. i need that card.... lmk

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    Sweet pull on the Addai!!! Sadly, nothing worthy to trade you for it. Maybe Trains975 can make a deal with you.

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    tried to send u a pm chadfan, your inbox was full. I am interested in that Addai. lets make something work.

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