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Thread: $65 paypal to buy 1-3 cards!

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    $65 paypal to buy 1-3 cards!

    Okay so I just can't give this money away and it just keeps growing LOL. I need 1 to 3 cards for just basically my personal collection. If I get twins and cubs cards I could accept more then just 3. I'm only looking to make 1 tansaction. Here is what Im looking for.

    Kyle Korver
    Monta Ellis
    Andrew Bynum
    Magic Johnson
    Larry Bird
    Dwayne Wade

    Jeff Clement

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I know we've done a alot of deals but do these intrest you?
    2002 Fleer Greats - Roger Maris GU Pants
    2001 Donruss Class of 2001 - Cal Ripken Jr. Jersey
    2005 UD Classics - Cal Ripken Jr. Jersey SP

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    Okay for $65 via paypal...I'll do this...
    2001 Fleer Autographics Silver 81 Brad Radke $10.00 $25.00 177/250
    2003 Fleer Mystique Ink Appeal Dual THMR T.Hunter/M.Ryan N/A N/A 17/20
    2005 Topps Pristine Power Core Bat Knob Relics THU Torii Hunter/5 N/A N/A 1/5

    or the other deal for $50
    lmk Bob

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    check ym bucketf or what you would like.


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    want any of these wade rcs:

    Wade Topp Gold rc bv $60
    Wade Trio traditon w/bosh bv $30
    Wade Tradtion Draft Day bv $40

    plmk matt

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    I have the Mauer/Liriano dual auto for $55 dlvd. It books for $100+ and is a real hot card.

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    I have a Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau 05 Ultimate Collection Auto. Last one sold for like $60, mine has a small ding on the back, I can sell it for $55 DLVD. Plmk, thanks

    Edit: The card's actually pending right now.
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    vlad- very very very interested. what does it book for and do you have a scan?

    hunter- i dont want to put to much investments into liriano. sorry.

    griff- i dont know what you got today but i looked under incoming and i would be intrested in the albert rc and the morneau letter.
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