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    Exclamation Any J.D. Drew fans here?? AUTO/BAT/JSY Inserted 1:480 packs

    I got this as a replacement for a redemption I had in with Upper Deck, but I don't really do baseball so it's FT/FS. I'm looking for a comparable cards of these:

    Don Mattingly/Derek Jeter/star football auto/Redskins auto/HOF auto (prolly any sport)

    2001 Upper Deck Evolution e-Card Game Bat-Jersey Autograph J.D. Drew #JB-JD
    It's the same as this card in this eBay auction

    the card does not book due to scarcity, so therefore the only thing I have to go off of is this ebay auction's ending price.... sorry, I don't normally like to do that

    plmk if anybody's interested. PM or AIM is prolly the best way to get me


  2. Kronozio
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    I'd like it, but don;t think I'd have anything available that would compare. Nice card though

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    I have a 02 Playoff Santana Moss auto($20) and you can look in my bucket and see if you need anything else.

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    stl_cards_fan -- sorry, didn't see anything that I could use

    hunter082006 -- some nice stuff, but nothing that i could really use. thanks a lot though!


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    Look through my stuff -


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    fdgowin - sorry.... didn't really see anything for it. thanks though!


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