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    Ok this has to be the sweetest card of this kind I've ever seen!!

    Seriously...I think I would go into cardiac arrest if I actually won this card,and I think it would kill my dad if he got it for Christmas,LOL.

    I know I probably won't win it,but for a Jim Brown collector like my dad it's probably one of the best things he could ever have :) *Crosses fingers,toes,eyes,arms and legs*

  2. Kronozio
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    Sarah -- if you're gonna bid on an auction...don't let others know

    b/c you'll then be bidding against others here

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    that is a sweet card, but with a specticale like that im sure more people will bid on it


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    consider it lesson learned....

    no biggie, Sarah --- the beauty of sports cards is that there's always another opportunity right around the corner

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    That would be a sweet card for any browns fan! I know if I pulled that card I'd probably $#!+ myself! Wow!


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