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    The Evolution of a rookie's signature. (Brandon Marshall) Thought this was amusing.

    Ok here are the pics of his auto in order from first released to the last.
    Starting with Topps Chome:

    Not bad looking.

    To SPX:

    Starting to get a little sloppy here but at least it is still two distinct words.

    And finally the Bowman Chrome:

    Now it is just a stylish "BM" which is about what the auto looks like.

    I wonder if next year he will be down to just a "B" like "V" Morency is.

    Now I am glad I didn't trade that Topps Chrome one.
    Just thought that was interesting....


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    Yeah Marshall has gotten pretty sloppy with his auto's .... just take a look at my bucket, PC>Personal Bronco Collection>Brandon Marshall Collection .... while I HOPE that one day I'll be sitting on a gold mine with the cards I have his auto's have definitely gone down hill, BUT at least they don't look like Matt Leinart's auto (bunch of scribbles) or a check mark like Morency's auto's. NOT YET ANYWAY!

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    Yeah nothing like Morency yet, but they are getting there for sure.

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