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Thread: 1 9.99 gu with 1 pack

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    1 9.99 gu with 1 pack

    well catching up on my breaks first day off from work in 7 my wife hooked me up with lots of goodies this weekend from target,here goes.

    pack 2006 playoff prestige

    chad johnson 32

    jake plummer 47

    reggie williams 75

    nate burleson 89

    marcedes lewis rookie 218

    and the gu

    2003 fleer platinum

    jerry rice platinum portraits white swatch,now i remember why i didn,t buy this product back then,this has to be the smallest gu swatch on any card ever made,hell i just measured it with my pinky nail and my pinky nail is bigger,at least it is jerry rice white swatch card has jerry in a raiders uniform thanks for the read take care steve

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