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    Anybody want a $100 bill.........

    Please put a lot together for me. Cards must be Auto's, Patches, or very nice RC's. I would really like cards that book $40 or more. Lets see some lots. Thanks all!!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Feel free to check my site again if you want to work another deal. Thanks!

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    What do you need on the Roy Williams Contenders? Have you sent out the Score RC lot yet? LMK, Thanks!!


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    Yes, the Score lot was sent out.

    Roy Williams books $120.00 I believe. eBay sales have been all over the board from $40.00 to $58.00. I'd be asking about $49.00 DLVD

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    ASU- Book is $100 on the Roy. I'll lyk.

    Adam- I'm not sure if PC is available, but these interest me. I haven't checked BV's so if the are way expensive, I'm sorry.

    Chad Johnson RC Auto/Jsy /150
    Roy Williams Elite Auto /125
    Barber Contenders
    Bush Sterling Jsy

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    Tyler- I like these:

    Roy Williams Auto/Jsy /350
    Kevin Jones Finest Auto
    Holmes Auto/Jsy
    Benson Auto
    Leftwich Finest Auto

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    BGT- I'll get back to you when the others get back to me. Thanks!!

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