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    sizing for authentic football jersey?

    I'm ordering online and need to know if the authentic jersey run large? I normally wear an XL size shirt so should I order XL or should I downsize to a L being these are designed to wear with pads on a normal basis? Just want to make sure I don't have to pay shipping twice to get the correct size.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Kronozio
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    1. Who are you going to buy?
    2. Im 5' 11" 205 and a XL authentic jersey is a little big on me but not that bad

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    I'm looking to buy a DeMarcus Ware and a Jeremy Shockey for starters.. then I'll probably go old school and get an Emmitt and Aikman.

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    Oh, ok. I was gunna say, I have an orange Carson Palmer authentic Im looking to sell cheap.

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    how much you looking to get for the Palmer?

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    Around $50...theres a pic on my bucket. I've worn it once

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    I would get a size down for sure on the jersey. They do run large. I wear XXL T-shirts, but I buy all my jerseys size XL.The XL's are loose fitting on me.I could probably wear a L jersey fine. i'm 6'3" 230lbs

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