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    Stuck in hospital- Trading and selling

    Yeah so im stuck in the hospital waiting to have surgery next week so time for me to open lots of boxes and trade/sell...check my UPDATED list here on scf (click view tradelist under name). All cards will still be sent right away as my mom/dad/sister/girlsfriend will do it for me..thanks guys

  2. Kronozio
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    what pc stuff do you have? didnt see anything on that list

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    I like this...

    05-06 UD SPX Winning Combos Shawn Marion/Amare Stoudmire Dual GU

    Please check my site and lmk if you like anything or not. Thanks!

    BTW, I hope your surgery goes well.
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    06 Hot Prospects Michael Robinson Auto/Quad Jersey /999
    04 Fleer EX Steven Jackson Auto/Jsy /45
    04 Sweet Spot Deangelo Hall RC Auto /100
    04 Sweet Spot Reggie Williams RC Auto /699 (WR - Jags?)

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    i really like that eli auto, what bv are you putting on it?

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    NN- didnt see anything..did you want to buy?

    Spydermat- looking for around 150 BV or sell for 70

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    GrandKenyon - You missed my post accidentally. It's alright though. Just plmk if you like anything from my site for your Amare/Marion dual GU. Thanks!

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    Currently only trading. Thanks for the return reply, & good luck w/ surgery.

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