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    My 06-07 UD Mini Jersey Collection Break for trade

    Know very, very little about hockey, but I got 7 packs of this stuff because the box I traded went so fast, I had to see what the fuss was about. I need help with the players (ill look on ebay later dont have time now)

    Mini Jerseys:
    Alexander Ovechkin (Black Jersey
    Evgeni Malkin (Black Jersey)
    Eric Staal (Red Jersey)
    Thomas Vanek (Black Jersey) 2 Of These
    Marty Turco (Green Jersey)
    Dany Heatley (Black Jersey)

    Got Base as well including a Sidney Crosby Card, plus 1 rookie

    Jeremy Williams

    willing to trade all of this too, if anyone wants it, but id be looking for other sports in return. How did I do? Anybody good here?

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    Dude just sent you money order for your Crosby jersey could we Trade for the Malkin now lmk what game used i can interest you in would of bought Malkin but i Guess you just added it and he's the only one i need now lmk

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    im sorry you must be mistaken. i dont have a crosby jersey to sell to you, never did. Probably another user.

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    Which version of Heatley do you have, all black or with the diagonal band of red across the front?

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    Would like the Ovechkin jersey, please check my bucket and see if theres anything you need.

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    the entire lot has been traded everyoe sorry but thanks for the offers

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