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    anyone have any sweet Titans/Oilers autos or multi color gu?

    looking for guys in my sig especailly but probally interested in most anyone. scans would be a plus.
    check out my tradelist here (kinda decent):
    lmk thanks necron

  2. Kronozio
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    I have this Triple Prime Patch Numbers /25#d I could sell it for $7 cash or money order. I also have some Titans/OIlers Gu as well.

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    BGT Masters- not really looking to buy, thanks though. later necron

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    I could probably trade as well. I thought you were buying for some reason. I just noticed your tradelink thought it was your signature originally. Want me to post scans of some Titans/Oilers cards?

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    I probably have some autos as well.

    Triple Patch /25


    SPA Patch

    2 Color Ball Dual

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    what do you have for titans autos? i would be most interested in those i think. whats bv on the triple patch/25?
    lmk thanks necron

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    Feel free to check my bucket. I only have 2.5 half photobucket pages of autos.

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    also kinda like the orr score auto but thats about it.
    lmk thanks necron

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    I could use these, would trade in your favor for that Sanders Auto though. ;)

    Barry Sanders 1997 pinnacle inscritions auto /2053 bv75
    Fran Tarkington 2005 Ultimate Collection auto /75 bv40
    Dwight Freeney 2004 Topps Pristine All-Pro Endorsments auto/pro bowl gu(white w/ stitch holes) bv40

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    to tell ya the truth i really wouldn't want to trade any of those for the titans stuff. thanks anyways, necron

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