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    Putting Some PC Pieces on the Block, Young, Favre + More

    Ok im putting these up FT these are some of my high end and PC pieces and I will take offers. As always looking for rare Jay Cutler stuff, also HOFer autos that are on card.

    2006 Absolute memorabilia RPM Spetrum Vince Young auto/jsy/ball/jsy /50 bv $300 last 2 sold for over and around book, some come large

    2004 Playoff Contenders Tatum Bell auto SP bv $100

    2004 Topps Rookie Premiere Reggie Williams auto BV $120

    2003 Contenders MVP Contenders Brett Favre auto /25 bv $300

    2005 Leaf Limited Contenders Preview Ticket Marion Barber auto /25 BV $100 but hes a stud I need something special

    2006 Contenders Jay Cutler SP bv $350 I have no problems keeping this thought id take offers

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Hey Adam...still absolutely love that Favre. I see you have another Favre coming in too...very nice. Can't really go wrong with his stuff, as everyone always wants it. I think he's the most hated, yet most collectible player in the NFL. Nobody turns down a Favre auto when offered. I wish I had something you needed. If you ever want to replenish your trade bait, please let me know. I have some very nice stuff I'd give up for that Favre.

    Have you recieved the Cutler stuff I sent out a few days ago?

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    Oh i know lol, well ill tell you this I have no problems with Favre, its not like he beat us in a SB lol j/k had to throw that in. No i havent maybe today you got the Winslow Jr in right? Ill mull it over see if i get any other offers on it

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    Yeah, the Kellen came in a few days ago...very nice card by the way. I think he may be the real deal at some point.

    Yeah, thanks for making me relive that damn Super Bowl. Whenever I see that clip of Elway hamming it up by diving for the endzone and getting spun around by Sharper and Pat Terrell at the 1 yard line, I cringe. The Packers should have walked away with that game, but instead they made John Elway an instant HOF and top 10 all-time NFL QB. The Packers came in with big heads, and were schooled by that damn zone blocking scheme. Stupid Terrell

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    He was a HOFer before that game he just solidified his spot in the Top 5 ever, best winning percentage ever in a career

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    ok anyone like any of this stuff lets do some weekend trading and some shipping tomorrow

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    I like the
    Tatum Bell Contenders auto
    Farve auto(any of them)
    Walter Payton rc

    Do you need anything from me for any of them?

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    nothing for favre and the walter

    how about the Julius auto/jsy and Cutler Topps SE rookie for the Tatum

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    Love the Favre as well. Check my bucket. Will trade multiples for sure. I do have more that are not listed yet as well.

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