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    Anyonwe wanna trade midend cards? $25-$50 bv?

    Check my page. Im not looking for anything in particular but only autos and gu in baseball.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have a dual tejada/ripken gu jersey card/50 u interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilsrok13
    like the santana cosigners
    like the 2 reyes's and tejada can i get bv's??

    sry dont need the cal

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    the bowman reyes is nft the tejada is outgoing in a fantasy baseball leauge, the reyes sells for about 30 lmk

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    ill trade the dual for it $5 CV difference but bv is like $35 in ur favor so its kinda fair.. lmk

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    sorry about that i thought it was johan not really interested in that one

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