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    Exclamation Cards for trade or sale,CHECK IT OUT!!!

    In my home page you can find out what cards I am looking for and make me an offer,or just buy them 20% off BV!!!Web site updated every weekend,I still have tone of cards not listed yet, a lot of them are base,inserts and nummbered cards but I also have some GUJ and AU cards.
    PM me if you are interested in some of my cards.


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    tanguay - you get two bumps a day. one in the morning, one in the evening. you've already used four and it's not even noon yet. no more today and only two a day from now on.

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    a little hint you arent going to get any body to buy if you are selling just 20% off the book value, you need to do more like 60-90% off the book value to get some people to post, just a little hint.

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    If I have other cards you need I would trade for your 06/07 Ultra Kessel Redemption card 250.

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    EVERYTHING 50% OFF FROM NOW ON!!!!Check my web site now!

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