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    2 High End for trade! CLEMENTE/TRIPLE MATTINGLY

    I havent traded in a while, I am looking to make some deals!
    Check my site!!

    2003 Donruss World Series Team Heroes- Roberto Clemente jsy/w stiching #'rd 107/200--BV$100--(sweet jsy piece)

    2006 Topps Sterling, Sterling Moments- Don Mattingly triple jsy/auto #'rd 7/10 (2 jsy pieces w/pinstripes)--bv???

  2. Kronozio
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    Thanks for the response, but I did not see anything I liked.

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    Nothing I liked, thanks.

    unless, I missed something. You can't seriously think I would trade any of the cards for the cards on your site.

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    stuff in htg is high end

    also keep comments to your self

    just becuase you dont like my cards doesnt mean they arent good

    im sorry i had nothing to youe likeing but no need to act the way u did

    thanks for nothing

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    you cant seriously think i will trade any of these cards for yours

    ecactly thats putting my cards down

    im sorry i dont have the best collection like you must have

    but some of the cards i have are worth more then them
    so from now dont talk unless u know

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