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    I know they are hard to come by but I want SPA patch autos

    I want anyone the player really doesnt matter check out my bucket

  2. Kronozio
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    any year or you only looking for 06's?

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    I have one on the homepage of my bucket, are you buying or trading for them? LMK

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    for right now I am really looking to trade unless I can get a really good price. Look through my PC and stuff and try and find something

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    I like the Chrome RC's, but I know they are not in book yet, what are the bv's on the Croyle auto cards? I'm not sure of a bv on the Wilson either, but we can get ideas on ebay if you are ok with that method

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    wasn't that you that had that 6 player auto? is that available and what bv? if that wasn't you I'm sorry for the mix up, if it was any interest in working a deal on that?

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    I just traded it for an Elway auto and a Peyton/Unitas dual jsy

    I could go in your favor with some of the CHrome I could do this lot for it and could add more for the Marcedes Lewis quad jsy auto

    Leinart/Maroney/Drew BOwman Chrome for the SPA
    or somethnig like that PM me with aconuter offer if this doesnt work

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