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    06/07 Fleer Michael Jordan 86/87 RC REPRINT for sale

    Taking offers on this

    2006/07 Fleer 86/87 MICHAEL JORDAN RC reprint

    Heres a scan

    Will trade but only for something nice of ADAM MORRISON, DARKO MILICIC, RON ARTEST or RAY ALLEN or JJ REDICK


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    last one went for $51US on ebay (i know thats a ridiculous price) but the 2 before that both went for over $22, so will pass on $16 thanks, can trade for the guys listed at the top tho

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    $51!!!! there is no way, it was most likely a numbered parallel of the same card. They are right around $20.

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    already have both topps variations of Redick and Morrison :)

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    i got these to go towards it:
    ADAM MORRISON 06-07 legends silver parallel rc /499
    DARKO MILICIC 06-07 bowman chrome refractor /249

    then maybe some $$ or other stuff if i'm on the right track......

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    duude are you serious??? i had one but it has a slightly bent corner and so did most of my first box of fleer blaster(traded them all in for another box) and i guess i shoulda kept one in the car i mean it shoulda been 10 still with a slightly bent corner i feel hella stupid though.....

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