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Thread: what is card cash?

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    what is card cash?

    I've been searching the site for an explaination on what card cash is exactly, I kinda figured it out, it's obviously site money that you can buy cards for, but i was wondering exactly how it works (how you get some, how you spend it, how you set cc values for cards). any help would be great thanx

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    well i dont know the value of cardcash....i have 50.00 CC but i guess its 1 $ value lol...i won it by guessing a nhl score game in the Games , Contests & Tournys section !...hope it helps you a little bit ! i don't know much about these CardCash

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    There is a Card Cash info link on the main page right above the sport ticker. There is also a thread about it towards the top of the Announcements Forum. Between the 2, you should be able to gather the info you need.

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