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    Trying to get rid of all my football

    Check both the buckets!
    We are both trying to get rid of football autos and gu

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i can use both of your vintage baseball cards, if i have anything you like
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    whats the bv on all the fb you have... maybe i could just buy it cheap and take it off your hands

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    i like the marcedes lewis and the reggie williams autos both reggie williams autos

    lmk how much you want for them.

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    dont need the carew- its a bit new for me, as vintage goes
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    palantri - I like the Kidd Auto/GU and the Tinsley/JO GU
    azlatin - $70 for the lot
    golfer - sweet spot williams iss gone but the oother two i'm asking for $22

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    I could use something. Would you trade for a 2004-05 Black Diamond Bernard Robinson auto for basketball?

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    I like theseL

    Pierce 1/1
    Reddick GU
    Davis Auto
    Ginobli/Parker Auto

    What cardsdo you want?

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    Don't see anything i your iste that I would trade for those. Would you like the other auto. i would trade it for football

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