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    Attn: Indy collectors, what shops do you go to?

    I just started collecting again recently and most of the feew shops that were around when I was a kid are gone. I have been to Ballcards, which I found recently moved to Avon area and there is a little shop up on Westfield. Any others I dont know about??

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    im not sure about indy but i know there is a decent shop in Anderson which is just a little north of you... also there is a fantastic shop in fort wayne but that is a 2 hour drive from you. If you ever head north though hit me up and i can at least give you directions
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    Hey!!! You Must Be From My Area.. I Live in Mooresville & Work at the Train Yard in Avon... There is a Card Shop Up By Greenwood Park Mall (REALLY Nice One) & Also At Morris & Washington St is Another 1... If Ya Ever Need Directions Give Me a Shout.... Hope this Helped Out...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!

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    I would like to know where that one in Greenwood is. I live in Broad Ripple, but I am from Bronwsburg, so I know the west side pretty well. I appreciate the info guys! I am pretty much limited to Target, Meijer and WalMart to get my pack fixes, I dont buy alot of boxes, but when I do, I will know where to go now.

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