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    Going to do live break of contenders now

    Bought 2 boxes. I am selling off the packs on ebay of one of the boxes if anyone is interested in 3 pack lots. 8 Lots total and it comes out to 25$ a lot. They are fresh from the box. I dont search packs, dont even know how but for someone who doesnt have a shop near them or cant afford a whole box. Just sold 6 packs so there are 18 left. Here is the link

    OK, here I go. My first live break ever.

  2. Kronozio
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    First 2 packs are all base
    Will do 2 at a time.

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    hopefully you didnt sell the good stuff away in those packs, good luck

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    Good luck with your 2 box breaks of Contenders! I hope you pull some sweet PC stuff or some awesome mojo! Good luck!

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    3rd pack, Omar Jacobs auto-good thing I am a steelers fan
    4th pack, Daniel Manning auto

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    I'm in the market for Redskins autos, should you pull 'em. Good luck!

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    5th nothing but base
    6th base but at least the cards look good. Anyone have a particular guy they want in the base let me know.

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    7th and 8th all base cards, no inserts yet and 2 autos left

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    9th vernon davis/ marcedes lewis round numbers
    10th terry baker #100/100 award winners, 1962 heisman trophy winner from oregon state apparently

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