OK, have no school today, due to the weather, and would really like to gedt lots of deals done today. Have all of my rookies sorted out in football, and have all years from 1990 to present. Have top name rookies available such as: laurence maroney, jay cutler, vince young, etc. Mainly looking to sell, but will trade if neccesary. Have the following available:

SELLING game used and autos
SELLING/TRADING #'d cards, rookies, inserts, refractors, star base, set needs

Have tons of 05-06 set needs from baseball and football, and a few from basketball. Trading for the following:

1. MY inserts, rookies, #'d cards, star base, set needs for ANY game used and autos from basketball, baseball, and football

2. ANY Iowa Hawkeyes Football cards, Past OR Present

3. MY inserts, rookies, star base, set needs for STAR refractors (preferrably newer or #'d.

LMK who/what you are looking for, or what you like from my bucket. HAVE THOUSANDS OF CARDS AVAILABLE, PLEASE HELP ME OUT! THANX!