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    Ud Black 3 Packs Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

    So I get my black packs today. I didn't even make it out of the mailroom. I ripped open the first envelope while I explained what they were to an onlooker and I pulled a...

    Luke Ridnour Dual Swatch Auto 13/25

    I think, ok, I have two more packs I can brush this one off. I took comfort in that these are some absolutly beautiful cards.

    I take the second envelope out and pray...I open and I get....

    Brad Daugherty Auto 39/49

    I think, what the hell, I went up in number and Brad-freakin-Daugherty! Maybe I should just put the last pack online and get some money back. But I am nothing if I'm not a pack buster.

    I open the third pack hoping for something that people won't laugh at me for striking out. I opened the last pack slowly and the first thing I thought was I've seen this before and I recognized the player...

    Larry Bird Auto 9/15 !

    This is one of the cards they're using to promote the product. Vindication is mine and it feels great. Note: The Bird auto is signed in gold pen while the other autos are in silver, I thought that was a really nice touch and great attention to detail by Upper Deck.

    If anyone can help me put a price on the Bird I would appriciate it. Basketball is my weakest area in terms of pricing assessments.

  2. Kronozio
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    nice pulls...but this is the wrong forum to be in...theres a box/pack break section...btw you get any iguodala stuff??

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    AMZING PULL!! Anyway Im gidding rid of baseball and am going to collect some BKB and was wondering if we could do a swap of BKB and baseball.LMK

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    not the wrong one the two players not named bird are for trade...I guess I should post it there too. I don't think I've ever pulled a Iguodala anything before. That seems weird since I bust a lot.
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    i am interested in the ridnour and bird (LOL) maybe i have something you need...

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    I iam interested in the Brad Daugherty Auto 39/49. I also like the Luke Ridnour Dual Swatch Auto 13/25. Do you need anything for either or both of them?

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    i want any of the three

    plmk what cards of mine you want (i have nice baseball too...)

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    dude how can u get mad at a brad daughtery? do u even no who he is???

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    Nice pull on the Larry Bird Auto #/15! Congrats!

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