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    5 packs of cards score select, turkey red, spx MOJO!!!!!!

    Went to the drug store which carries hobby boxes. They just got a shipment in today. Here is what I pulled:

    06 Score Select: ALL BASE

    2 packs of 06 Turkey Red: All base, black alex smith

    1 pack of 06 Sweet spot Baseball: Sweet Spot Sigs Justin Morneau auto #'d 7/99

    and for the MOJO!!!

    06 SPx SPX Auto Rookie Jersey Matt Leinart auto/jsy #'d 190/399!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    nope but if i got into the other packs I've pulled in the last week..I probably have a couple..I'll check for you a bit later and send you a pm

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    That Leinart is awesome......great pull im overdue for one of these type posts!


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    I've pulled this, a cutler auto BV $250 and a bush auto this year, all worth MOJO posts. Still I am waiting on pulling a Young lol.

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    SWEET PULL on the Leinhart! You have a drug store that carries Hobby? Which one?


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    that,s pretty cool that your drugstore carries hobby boxes,the selection also seems pretty good too,congrats on the great pulls the leinart is a sharp looking card also like the morneau with the red and blue stitching

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