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    Leaving hobby. Everything is going up on eBay

    I`ve been sorting through cards and assembling player lots, partial sets, rookies, base sets and everything else. It`s all being listed on eBay and just about everything starts at only $0.99 with no reserves on anything. Sorry I didn`t post a thread much earlier, like when I first started listing items a few days ago. Lots of stuff still needs to be sorted. I have a few items up right now that may be of interest to many of you here. I`m just winging it as of now as to how I`m listing stuff. I will certainly update this forum/website when more stuff is up. For now, you can check out some of the stuff I have up now. Just the tip of the iceberg basically.


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    just listed more items. Awesome Barry Sanders lot w/13 RC`s. Have a look. rayny1 eBay auctions

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    just listed more items. Awesome Eddie George lot + more. Have a look.

    rayny1 eBay auctions

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    more stuff up for auction. Had to relist my Barry Sanders lot. Got stiffed on payment. blech.

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    Big lots of Aikman, Brady, Warner, Eli ending today.

    Awesome Bledsoe lot(150+ card lot loaded w/RC`s) and Mark Brunell(100+ cards) ending in 2 days.

    Check`em out. Still pretty cheap right now.

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    Elway $70+ bv
    Favre $165+ bv
    Marino $30+ bv
    Pennington $180+ bv
    Carson Palmer $25 bv
    Tim Couch(Yes, Tim Couch) $85+ bv

    nice lots just listed on eBay tonight. Been a bit busy lately and havn`t concentrated on my listings. Concentration is back on focus now. I should be getting more stuff up this week so keep an eye out.

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