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    Waiting painfully for my redemption card

    I guess that Leon "the bird" Washington is behind on signing his cards. I just got word from topps that I am in the waiting list for his turkey red auto.

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    man atleast Topps was nice enough to tell you. Hope you get it fairly soon

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    Tell me about it, I sent away for 3 different Bruschi auto's 3+ months ago, and a Maroney SP authentic Auto patch about a month or so ago. The wait begins!!

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    Ouch on the Upperdeck Maroney redemption. I mean I guess redemptions are nice in a way but it shouldnt have to be that painful. I personally walked away from UD because of their redemption process. But then again I still buy the redemptions online when I can get them for really cheap.

    I wish you the best of luck with the redemptions and can't wait to see them when you get them in.

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    yes, redemptions aren't on the top of my anything list. Hope he signs soon for you.

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    yes redemptions do stink but the only bright side is maybe if they can,t get the player that you pulled to sign 9 of 10 times you,ll get something better,pulled my first redemption from ud sweetspot update baseball 2 weeks ago of scott kazmir was hoping he didn,t sign because i already have a bowman sterling auto jersey card of his,but they already told me player is committed to signing so the wait begins take care steve

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