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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    need the bird jsy, any tmac auto, and the shaq patch

    also need these pc items:
    -bird patch!!!
    -worthy patch
    -dr. j patch

    plmk, thanks!!

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    I need your Fleer Shaq RC. I believe it books $6. I could offer an 06/07 Bowman J.J. Redick RC BV $8. PLMK Thanks, Adam

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    I really like your Shaq Patchworks. I don't have any legends stuff though. Please check my site anyway and see if there's something you may like.

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    sorry for the delay guys, i have a 4 month old to tend to.

    lghoops92- looks like we collect similar stuff, didnt see anything except pc, and im assuming the bird/parrish auto is untouchable.

    Missourian- pm sent

    Springwood - let me get back to you, i might work out something.

    purebasketball - not interested in the baylor, thanks though

    zackattack - only thing that fit me outside of PC was jordan jersey, which wouldnt compare bv, unless you saw something else on my bucket to help. lmk. thanks

    BigPapi- didnt see anything for the Rodman, sorry. thanks though.

    TeamADG -pm sent

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    i guess so

    what pc did you like? (other than the bird/priash)

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