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    Last baseball card left 1/1 Berroa dual gu for football

    It is Diamond Kings. I am only wanting around 50-75 in bv of some football gu or autos. no more than 2 cards and they have to be gu and autos unless it is a major rookie from 2006 and then I will think about trading for base rookies

  2. Kronozio
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    I think you may be asking a bit too much in trade for it

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    that is how much I gave for it but I will go less I just want to move it for a gu or auto in football

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    can anyone give me around 30-40 I just need to move it come on

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    check out my bucket i am interested i do not have everything in my bucket yet


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    Oglesby can I get some bv on these
    Greg Jones auto
    SHaun auto
    Leinart TUrkey RC
    Sanders Pro-Set RC
    Dillon dual jsy
    Klop patch
    Jackson dual patch

    thanks a lot

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    sure did didnt get it out until yesterday though but you sohuld have it soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by campbell2004
    Oglesby can I get some bv on these
    Greg Jones auto gone for fantasy baseball
    SHaun auto BV 30
    Leinart TUrkey RC BV15
    Sanders Pro-Set RC BV 5
    Dillon dual jsy traded
    Klop patch BV15
    Jackson dual patch BV 20-25 (ithink)

    thanks a lot

    put the prices above


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