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    Need PayPal!!! anyone need 04/05rookies?

    hey everyone i have a TON of 04/05 rookies im trying to get rid of just name me your player and ill check to see what i have. also check my nucket for anything you guys need thanks

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    Sort of a no name, but do you have any Ricky Minard?

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    sorry dont really have him....was he in the 04/05 draft? and i dont think there were much cards made of him...sorry

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    do you have any David Lee; I know he was from 05-06, but just thought I would ask...
    I collect: Kevin Faulk and Shane Vereen, Brady (Pats), Carmelo Anthony (Knicks); NY Yankees

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    Quote Originally Posted by phatboi
    Emeka Oakfur (sp)

    yea i got a dwight howard and emeka okafor rookie scrapbooks from ud, and a dwight rc from SLAM also have a 04/05 spa rookie auto of swight LMK thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by samhag1
    Any Kevin Martin??????

    ehhh soryy dont have much of martin...only one i have is topps

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