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    Just in 2006 bowman dp hunter Pence Gold Refractor

    I just got this in today. Ill get a scan up later. Its from 2006 bowman cdp. Its up ft/fs so lmk if you are interested


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Brian...What do you collect and if selling whats your price? Thanks...Dan

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    dunndeal- i like basically anything. a list woudl be cool or just send me your nice prospect stuff. Sale price is 36 dlvd


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    halls- sorry nothing i saw that really caught my eye


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    you want $36 for a non rookie gold refractor? what are you looking for in trade?

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    Greenbeans- the last 3 on ebay have sold for 33,40,43 plus shipping. Compared to that i think 36 is fair. Make an offer if you want. I like some of your pc items- Gordon heritage, Longoria auto, weaver auto, Reyes spx auto. Could we work any deal fro any of these?


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