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    i have a ton of rc's, gu,autos,inserts, and base. tell me who you collect.

    please tell me what team or player(s) you collect. i will list the gu and autos of them. if you want there base, rc's, or inserts lmk. or if you need set needs, just lmk. thanks a lot.

  2. Kronozio
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    lmk if you are still buyin, if so give me an offer.
    i got a aj hawk absolute merobilia marks of fame materials. bv 15, 06 bowman draft rewind aj hawk rc jsy.
    06 sweet spot auto david givens
    06 sweet spot auto lofa tutupa
    06 sweet spot rc auto brad smith
    packer rc'sPackers
    06 press pas SE aj hawk old school BV 5.00
    06 press pass SE aj hawk BV.3.00
    05 sweet spot roy manning 828/899 BV 20.00
    05 sage hit aaron rodgers BV 3.00
    05press pass aaron rodgers big numbers 25of25 BV2.00
    05 press pass aaron rodgers big numbers BV 4.00
    also have some nice patches in my bucket, i think and i will look at your thread to see if i forgot of any thing. lmk

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    Yes stuff like that. Cant pay much on press pass and sage stuff and the roy manning at 20 bv is probably going to be more than I can do on it as it would be a tough trader or seller. thanks

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    if you woulod like to give me a money offer just shoot one my way. lmk what you wana do. thanks

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    give me a total bv and a price, I cant tell you what you need for them, I can tell you I want them as cheap as I can get lol

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    total bv is $102, i could sell for maybe 45 percent. it is negotionable. lmk

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