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    Looking for top prospects.... HELP!!!

    I'm looking for chrome and sterling singles or lots and also parrallels.... Any Braves FY Cards

    06 BCDP and Sterling - Rowell, Snider, Parmelee, Marrero, Coe, Fontaine, Drabek, Christensen, Hankerd, Willems, Pelfrey, and others. Really need some Fontaine and Coe parrallels.

    06 Bowman Chrome - Andrus, Brandon Jones, Maybin, Tabata, Gomez, Hellickson, Outman, Niese, Slayden, Gordon, M. Ramirez

    05 BCDP Aflac - Chrome singles and possibly sets.

    05 BCDP and Sterling - Buchholz, Bowden, Buck, McCutchen, Bruce, and others.

    05 Bowman Chrome - Carlos Gonzalez, Chris B Young, Russ Martin and others.

    05 TCUH - Draft pick cards and Young, Gonzalez, etc...

    Sterling, 04 BC and BCDP - Happ, Jacob McGee, Lind, E. Campbell, Brignac and others.

    Please let me know who you collect and we'll work out a deal. I'll trade in your favor in most instances. I'm a longtime member of Beckett and have made over 100+ successful trades. I've also made successful trades with members here. Thanks for looking

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    What prospect autos do you have? Do you have any guys in my sig? I have a Parmelee blue ref.

    Thansk< Eric

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    I have a Colvin and Rasmus Sterling auto incoming. I also have a Mellilo Finest /150 and TC Ref. LMK

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