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    Topps 1952 Hardwood Classic GU..........

    I need the following for my set...LMK what you have


    Andre Iguodala
    Brian Cook
    Brian Grant
    Bryon Russell
    Carmelo Anthony
    Caron Butler
    Clarence Weatherspoon
    Corliss Williamson
    Damon Stoudamire
    Daniels Marquis
    Darrell Armstrong
    Dermarr Johnson
    Doug Christie
    Drew Gooden
    Eric Snow
    Etan Thomas
    Gilbert Arenas
    Greg Ostertag
    Jerome Williams
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Juwan Howard
    Kurt Thomas
    Lindsey Hunter
    Marc Jackson
    Maurice Taylor
    Michael Bradley
    Pat Garrity
    Scott Padgett
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Shawn Bradley
    Stephon Marbury
    Theo Ratliff
    Tony Battie
    Troy Murphy
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    astarep- Thanks for the post....What would you need for it?


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    hey bud I have the following for sale

    David Wesley
    Troy Murphey
    Gilbert Arenas
    Damon Stoudemire
    Juwan Howard
    Stephon Marbury
    Lindsey Hunter
    Pat Garrity

    lmk if you still need all them

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