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    Arrow auctions>100 card RC lot/50 card insert lot/GU's/Autos!!!

    Hey guys, I have a few things listed on ebay and I'll be adding more this week so check them out and feel free to bid!!! Right now there is a 100 RC lot and a 50 card insert lot, a complete list of cards with scans are in the auction listing, also on the block are a few fb autos and a bkb GU and a bkb auto.... Thanks and GOOD LUCK !!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    added a few PC, adding more tonight, keep checking back!!!

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    some more of my PC up for auction, really nice Cowboys autos and Emmitt GU & Julius Jones GU, check back often!!!

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    I will be adding more tonight! keep checking back!!!

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    this is really nice, check this one out guys, it's a 2006 Leaf R&S Jay Cutler RC auto /25 !!!$$$ up for auction !!!!

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    9 auctions and counting! I'll be adding more so keep checking back!!!

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    less than an hour on the 50 card Insert lot!!! and less than 2 1/2 hours on a beautiful Jay Cutler RC auto /25 !!!!!! get em while you can!

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