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    Anyone got 04 Inscibed or Sweet sigs rookies?

    Looking for inscribed #/750, Inscibed black #/199 and Sweet sigs #/999.

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    I have 04 InScribed Devery Henderson /750 and Kellen Winslow, Jr black /199. Looking for the guys in my sig b/c I don't think those 2 are enough for the Jackson patch, lol. LMK and thanks.

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    The two of them aren't, but maybe you have something else i need. I would be willing to trade it for rookies if it was well in my favor. Below is a list of what i'm collecting, so lmk if you have anything else.


    After numbered rookies from the following 2004 sets;

    Showcase Legacy #/125
    Elite Status and Aspirations
    Classics (only collecting ones #/500)
    Inscribed #/750 and black #/199
    Sweet Sigs #/999 and Gold #/99
    Greats of the Game #/999
    Hogg Heaven RPH jerseys #/750
    Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabrics red #/150, Blue #/50 and Gold #/25
    Leaf R+S Freshman Orientation Class Officer jerseys #/100
    Genuine #/500

    99 Elite status and aspirations
    00 Elite status and aspirations
    01 Elite status and aspirations
    01 Elite rc's #/500
    01 Leaf R+S Freshman Orientation jerseys (single col, multi col and Class Officer's #/50)
    01 Legacy Ultimate #/250 (just need Quincy Carter)
    03 Elite status and aspirations
    04 Foundations patches (rookies #/25, veterans #/50)
    04 Ultimate auto's
    05 Gridiron Gear multi colored patches (no performers or oversize jerseys though)
    05 Leaf R+S Freshman Orientation class officers multi colored patches #/100

    Rookie multi colored patches and auto's of the following players;

    Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, LaDainian Tomlinson, Santana Moss, Randy Moss, Kellen Winslow jr, Barry Sanders, Andre Johnson.

    One nice auto of the following players;

    Peyton Manning
    Torry Holt
    Chad Pennington
    Deuce McAllister
    Marvin Harrison

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    Sorry have nothing else on the list. Thanks anyway.

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