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    Autograph/Game used card for trade?? Please L@@K>>>

    Just looking to get some more trades going on before my next shipment of cards arrive...Please PM me if you find some u like!! Thx : )

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I am interested in your

    05-06 BAP Dual Autos

    01-02 Sign of Times
    Eric Daze
    Steve Sullivan GOLD

    99-00 ITG Millenium Signature Series
    Eric Daze

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    I'm interested in a few of yours. Check out my list/gallery and LMK if you can use anything.


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    Like your Chara, Cheevers, and Daze Prism Jerseys.. all i have ft for Jerseys are Stuart GU. How much would you sell for?
    Trading for
    - Boston Bruins cards (All cards pictured in Bs Uniform) .. all cards from Big Bad Bruins players (any team)
    - Panarin,Backes, Brodeur, Anson Carter, Hextall, Jagr, Lanny, Probert, Domi, Sedins.
    - US Olympic Hockey Players (all players any uniform)

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    would like to know what set / players you collect since i'm interested in lecavalier and kovalchuk stuff you have !

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    Will get back to u all very soon will pm all of u thank you!!!

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    Hi, I can use your Talbot Rookie Exclusives#88/100, take a look at my trade page and lmk if anything interests you, thanks!
    I do NOT use Beckett

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    brodeur fan>>> i don't collect certain team/set/player i collect Game used, auto,or rc....and i don't have a certain card or player that i want...will look at list...thank you!!

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    i have a 06/07 black diamond jersey Brad Boyes 2 color (black+white) could you use it ?

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