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Thread: Men of Autumn

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    Men of Autumn

    Anyone have any men of autumn cards that came out in 1993 from Score. I think the actual company name printed on the card is pinnacle.

    I have a list on my freeweb page in the set needs for cards that I need to do the set.


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have a bunch of those and some of you needs from this set:

    1996 Collectors Choice "MVP"

    are you buying at all? they would not be too much for the "commons" like .10-.15/card stars a little more.
    i may have some of your other needs as well. let me knw and i can look.
    thanks (tom hess)

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    depends on the price. I have bought alot of cards here lately.. Let me know. Thanks

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