I am buying OR trading for these. I have THOUSANDS of game used and autos, so I will probably have lots to trade, but will defnitely buy at a very fair price! If you want, you can check my site under personal coolection to see which of the players in these sets I already have. If not, let me know what you have and I'll tell you if I need it! Thanks for looking!

1. 2005 Reflections dual auto / patch cards #/25 "Cut from the Same Cloth"

2. 2005 Reflections single player auto patches.......will buy Johan Santana WELL over book!

3. 2004 & 2005 Leather and Lumber "LEATHER CUTS" autos on gloves....not on the bats and I' m also not collecting the rookie autos

4. 2005 Donruss Signature Hall of Fame subset autos or autos/game used

5. 2004 SP GU Patch autos, especially the Nicknames!

6. 2004 Topps Tribute Hall of Fame game used or auto subset

7. Pristine Legends game used: "Leading Indicators" and "Valuable Performance"

8. 2005 Leaf Century Pennant Patches auto patches

9. 2005 Leaf Century postage stamps w/ gu or autos

10. 2006 Epic game used and auto/gu

11. Triple Threads triple relics and autos