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    taking offers on yougi berra auto numbered to 10!!!

    lmk if u need it
    looking for other high end autos in return

  2. Kronozio
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    what bv do you put on it? and are you only looking for baseball autos in return? plmk thanks

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    im not sure on bv
    its the gold version 2003 absolute

    numbered to 10

    lmk wat u got fir high end autos

    pm if u want

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    this is the only high end auto, I do have a nice nash patch bv $50 if you're interested, plmk thanks
    Shawn Marion-
    -►02-03 Upper Deck BuyBacks Autograph (05/50) BV$ Not Priced Due to Scarcity

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    dont really need the marion for it
    thanks anyways

    if u have a aiste lmmk it and ill c if u can find anyhing else

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    hopefully you can find something, thanks for looking. plmk what you are lookig for specifically if you don't find anything, I have more unlisted, thanks

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