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    Every basketball card I own on my site! Base, RC, Insert, GU!!

    Check it out. Everything, including base sorted by teams, is on there. Everything is updated 100%. Please let me know what you need.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I need this one.
    2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Rafer Alston

    Any other Rafers that I missed?
    Is it too small of a trade?


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    Do you have any of the base from here, Andrew? I will trade it for one from this list if you have one (white envelope of course).


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    Ryan, its not on your list, but do you need this?
    2005-06 Topps Luxury Box Season Ticket Kirk Hinrich

    Its a parallel, so not on your base list - LMK if you want it, and it's yours for the Rafer.

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    I can do that for the Rafer. Trade will be posted. Will we be shipping white envelope toploader? Thanks. Ryan

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    Ryan, I just posted it. White envelope and top loader works for me.


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