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Thread: Got $200 paypal to spend

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    Got $200 paypal to spend

    Im looking to buy some nice stuff. Looking for Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Amare, Lebron, Dwight Howard, Gerald Green, Shaq, Kidd, just to give a few ideas. Ill also look at lists. But come strong please, 200$ is alot to spend on 1-3 cards.

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    05-06 Harcourt Dual hardwood sigs AK-47/Boozer #'d 9/10!
    05-06 Harcourt Dual hardwood sigs Bibby/Peja #'d 5/10
    02-03 SP GU Dual Auto/GU Tony Parker/Manu Ginobili /50
    06-07 UD Black Charlie Villanueva Auto /89

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    i have
    12 different shawn marion jersey cards
    shawn marion auto card
    Amare jersey
    Shaq jersey plus 30 base cards
    Lebron jersey card
    lmk also u can check out my photobucket

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    check my site. I have a Dwayne Wade Game Graphs rookie auto along with many other cards in all sports

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