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    $16 Cash for the Best Autograph, Patch or Prospect Card

    I've got $16 for the best Autograph, Patch or Rookie Card that you'd be willing to sell. Let me know what you have.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Like anything on my freewebs for 16.00? I can do a cash/card deal i got a chrome liraino auto incoming bv 50

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    Cubsfan- Only thing I like are the SP Authentic AU's but I know you are holding onto those it looks like.. The Liriano i'm not interested in.

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    the liriano i can do 30 on i guess, I have to make sure, but i can probably do around that and which letter autos did u want? If u got more $ I can do more deals.....

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    Oh sorry about the liriano I totally overlapped that, the burnett peavy uggla I need more then 16 on obviously..Ill talk to u on IM

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